Sunday, October 20, 2002

The blogging move is complete!

The Parish Pump has now moved. No further blogging will take place at this Blogger site. The new Parish Pump blog is here. Please make sure to update your bookmarks and hyperlinks. Testing the template change. And again. And again. And again. And again.
Packing and Priming the Pump

I've bitten the bullet (unfortunate metaphor for Washington residents like Tim) and decided to move The Parish Pump to a new home. Hence the lack of posting over the last couple of days. Thanks to all those who sent in suggestions and offers of help. The consensus seemed to be that I would be best using Moveable Type. I may yet adopt that suggestion, but for the moment I'm going with a manually coded blog. It worked well on a trial run, with no loss of convenience or functionality. I can post blogs just as quickly in aggregate as with Blogger (perhaps partly because I've been building websites for a couple of years now, so I'm reasonably efficient at it).

In fact, there are several significant improvements with the new set-up. I can perform more sophisticated formatting tasks than the rudimentary tools available in the Blogger post/edit wondow permit. I can also manage the size of my front page and the frequency of archiving in a much more flexible way, leading to much faster download speeds for readers. Anyway, the whole shebang should be ready later this morning, so tell me what you think then. I intend emailing all ozploggers to notify of the new address.